TRI offers presentations and seminars geared to the petroleum industry. The presentations offer up-to-date information on various energy-related topics:

Energy Today - Facts & Fiction
Almost 40 years ago, in 1977, the US Department of Energy was created and charged with managing US energy interests. While large financial and human resources have supported this organization over four decades under six different administrations, it is truly remarkable that this country has yet to establish a comprehensive energy policy acceptable to both parties. During this period we have seen oil shortages and surpluses, large fluctuations in oil prices, the emergence of new energy sources from tar sands and shale formations, as well as the birth of the biofuels industry. Much has changed in the regulatory landscape with mandates on emissions, consumption and the use of biofuels. During this time, the public has been exposed to a barrage of countless soundbites and politically-biased rhetoric. TRI Seminars present objective information based on current industry and government reports, supplemented by international as well as domestic news and scientific media coverage, as well as personal expertise gained over 40 years of work in the energy industry.

Other offerings include:
Vapor Recovery Technology traces the development and EPA/CARB requirements.
Robotic Fueling discusses the history and use of robotics in fuel dispensing.
Alternative Fuels reviews the impact of electric, natural gas, fuel cell, hybrid and propane vehicles on the fuel distribution industry.
Project Evaluation and Management covers project evaluation and planning as practiced by major corporations.

TRI has developed specialized presentations for industry associations and regulators in the past:
Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association:
Implementation Requirements for Stage II Vapor Recovery

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ):
New Requirements for Enhanced Vapor Recovery