Technology Resources International, Inc. is your source for technology planning; product development, testing and implementation; litigation support, expert witness services and regulatory advocacy. We have significant expertise in the following areas:
Petrochemicals Processing:
• Process Development
• Process Design
• Process Evaluation
Gas Cleaning Technology:
• Particulate Removal
• Hydrogen Sulfide Removal
Gasoline Retail Systems
Environmental Systems
Underground & Above-Ground Storage Tanks
Alternative Fuels Technology
• Biofuels Development
• Biofuels Commercialization
• Biofuels Materials Compatibility
Fuel Dispensing Equipment:
• Dispensers
• Nozzles
• Hoses
• Fittings
Accident Investigations
Fire Investigations
Properties of Fuels & Petrochemicals:

• Fuels Additive Chemistry & Development
• Federal Transportation
• Fuels Registration
• Gasoline Chemistry & Formulation
• Diesel Fuel Chemistry & Formulation
• Gasoline Testing
• Diesel Fuel Testing
• Gasoline Additive Chemistry
• Diesel Fuel Additive Chemistry
• Lubricants Chemistry & Formulation
• Lubricants Testing
Fuels Distribution Terminal Operations:
• Tanker Truck Accidents/Incidents
• Product Deliveries

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